Passionate about creating thoughtful design solutions that have positive impact.


Julia Yang is a Vancouver born, NYC based visual designer. After having graduated with a BA in Communication at Simon Fraser University, she pursued the visual aspect of Communication by moving to NYC to study Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design. Julia comes with over 7 years of visual design and branding experience, having worked for a boutique packaging firm and non-profit organizations like the Clinton Foundation and the Tribeca Film Institute. 

Having worked in the non-profit/social impact space, she quickly realized the importance of an agile and lean approach, which led her to take a deep dive into the tech and entrepreneurial space. She is currently a Designer at Techstars NYC, a 3-month accelerator, where she is working with early-stage companies to help build their brand, user experience, and business.

Julia's values and approach – which intersect both her professional and personal life – can be summed up with these 7 guiding principles, which happen to all start with the letter "C": Curiosity, Care, Communication, Connection, Creativity, Craft, and Collaboration.